Some days you run, some days you crawl

Some days you run, some days you crawl
Hello. It's me. I've been wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet.

This is a blog about FinOps, specifically life in a small shop. We'll define “small” as being a cloud spend in the low 8 figures annually, say < $30MM. That amount of money is definitely large enough for a FinOps program to make an impact at a company, but possibly not large enough to have much in the way of tooling or staff.

If you’re in this boat with me, you might be scratching your head that the majority of practitioners you read about or whose presentations you attend are working in gigantic companies, and have a completely different set of problems and workflows than you do. In this blog we’ll discuss the nuts and bolts of FinOps – tooling, reporting, reservations, dealing with stakeholders. We’ll definitely be talking about cloud vendor APIs, data storage and engineering, code, and how to better understand what those crazy expensive tools are doing under the hood.

The point of view will be my own – relatively new (1-2 years) to the field of FinOps but from a background as an experienced DevOps and data engineer and analyst. My employer is a multicloud shop, so we’ll discuss the madness that leads companies to go multicloud, how to get ready before they do, or how not to loose your mind if they already have.

The aim of this entire blog will be to develop a knowledge base and a breadcrumb trail for other small shop practitioners like myself that want to better understand some of the seemingly infinite facets of Financial Operations.